Foundation Work Started Several Days Ago and Will be Pushed Rapidly


        The building of the AT&N shops at this place is an absolute certainty.  No defalcation as to the facts in the case now.

        The first of the large number of poles to be used as piling in the construction of the foundation for the building, was driven into the ground last Friday and work has been going steadily since.

        The shop building proper is to be of brick and steel and will cover quite a good deal of ground, this ground, this ground, or site, having been graded and put into shape some time ago.

        Just how long it will take to complete the main building is not known, but it is understood that work on it will be pushed as fast as is practicable in order that it may be completed and ready for the installation of the machinery and necessary equipment in the shortest possible time.

        Now that actual work on the foundation for the shops has really begun, all may expect to see a revival of interest along many lines in York.  Other industries and enterprises of different kinds will begin to seek location here.

        All that will be necessary to secure desirable industires and plants that will contribute to the material welfare, and upbuilding of York is to let them know they are wanted by offering inducements in the way of offering them land, on which they may locate at a reasonable price.


The York Weekly Press
June 6, 1913