Steel and Concrete to be used in construction of building at York to cost $13,000


        The AT&N railroad shops will be built at York.  This information comes directly from Mr. John T. Cochrane, President of the Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Railroad Company.  The railroad was recently organized with a capital stock of $25,000,000.

        Mayor H.J. Wallace and Councileman R.D. Scott were in Mobile last week and while in the office of President Cochrane, that gentleman told Mr. Wallace that the shops would be built at York and that the work on the building would begin in a very short time.  In fact, the contract had been let already.

        The building is to be steel and concrete structure and is to be erected at a cost of $13,000.  Work on it will begin just as soon enough material can be placed on the ground to make a start.

        The site has been graded, this part of the work having been finished early this year.

        Just how long it will take to erect the building, equip it and get the shops on an operating basis is not known.  It will probably take sixty or nonety days.

        The building of the AT&N's shops at this place means more to the town than some are want to admit.  Even though it should be a very small shop to begin with, it would be of incalculable benefit in many ways, especially in a financial way.  An essential feature in the maintenance of a railroad shop or enterprise or plant of any kind is the cash envelope, or pay check.


The York Weekly Press
MaY 2, 1913