Yesterdays of Demopolis
1954 DHS Football Team

1954 Football Season Team

Front Row:  Ronnie Willingham, Bob Reeves, Nicky Braswell, Spike Lewis, Robert Parten, Jimmy Watson, Jerry Nettles, Bill Palmer
2nd Row:  Alan Koch, Buddy McPherson, Clarence "Jr" Brooker, Mike Glass, Eldred "Sonny" Barger, Riddell Abrams, Jimmy Crawford, Gene Dozier
3rd Row:  Dale "Snooky" Barger, Dennis Nettles, Tommy Brooker, ?, Bobby Jackson, Billy Cobb
4th Row:  ?, Coach Chink Lott, Elmer Pruitt

Season Scores:

DHS   41   Marion   2              
DHS   14   Centerville   19   Coach Alton Cress          
DHS   0   Greensboro   18   Coach Jim Key    

DHS   27   Linden   0   Coach Bobby Golden    

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DHS   19   Eutaw   7   Coach Joe Schaerlt          
DHS   12   Holt   7              
DHS   7   Livingston   0   Coach Trice Agers          
DHS   26   Thomasville   0              
DHS   19   York   12   Coach Sam W. Jones          
DHS   40   Sweetwater   6   Coach Fred Ramsey          

Game highlights of November 25, 1954

The DHS Tigers played one of their best games of the season Friday night.  To win the football championship of Marengo County and finish in a tie with the Greensboro Warriors for a Championship of the Black Belt Conference.  When they defeated the once beaten Sweetwater Bulldogs by a score of 40 to 6.  The DHS Tigers finish the 1954 year with 8 wins and 2 losses.

The Demopolis Players of 1954 Sweetwater game are Fred Palmer, Jerry Nettles, Buddy McPherson, Riddell Abrams, Alan Koch (Ends), Nicky Braswell, "Spike" Lewis, Jimmy Lawrence (Tackles), Bob Reeves, Jimmy Watson, Tommy Brooker, Martin Turner (Guards), Eldred "Sonny" Barger (Center), Jimmy Crawford, Gene Dozier, Clarence Brooker, Ronnie Willingham, Robert Parten, Dale "Snooky", Barger, Jr. (Backs).

The Sweetwater Bulldogs Players are Milton Etheridge, Don Jordan, Hugh Parden (Ends), Charles Hamilton, Julis Smith, Blakney Rogers (Tackles), "Red" Lewis, Bobby Bennett, Ray Thompson (Guards), Rex Wood (Center), Eldred Downy, Jack Bennett, Ellis Daniels, Kenneth Anderson, Charles Beck (Backs).

Demopolis wins the championship!  Sweetwater had been beaten only one time before playing Demopolis.  Demopolis tied with the Greensboro Warriors.

Picture Compliments of Kayte Melton; Scores Compliments of Dale Barger