Demopolis High School Class of 1958
39th Reunion Memories

On Saturday, June 14, the Demopolis High School Class of 1958 celebrated the 39th anniversary of their high school graduation with a "Jack Benny" Reunion.

Out of a graduating class of 40 students, 22 classmates and 2 teachers attended their first reunion in 19 years.  The day was jam-packed with fun, hugs and laughter.

The day's events began at 1  p.m. with a gathering at the Triangle in front of the old Demopolis High School.  After some awkward moments of trying to recognize each other, the group paused for a photo with their senior English teacher, Wynell Gantt, in front of their old alma mater before boarding a bus and taking a tour of the city. 

Gwinn Etheridge, acting as tour guide, directed the class through the old sections and the new, pointing out changes and the old locations of many class member's residences.  

The tour included a trip through Foscue Park and the Demopolis Lock and Dam, where many of the sightseers noted old parking spots.  

After a stop at Pruitt's on Highway 80 for refreshments, the bus proceeded out to Gallion for an afternoon at the Porter's farm, the location many of their class parties.

While snacking on refreshments provided by Dot Etheridge and listening to '50's music, the class socialized and reviewed memorabilia that members had brought with them.

The afternoon affair concluded with the dispersion of individualized copies of the book The Home Team had compiled of letters from classmates concerning their life and their advise to a graduating senior today.  The book held nearly 60 pages, and it was dedicated to their English teacher, Wynell Gantt.

The evening festivities were held at Ellis V Restaurant, which had been decorated with a '50's motif by Alene Hall Branch, Alice Hall Washburn and Jean Bath Richie.  

Period music was provided by Ellen Manning McGuire and Rosalie Chiles Pearson.  Class members brought guests to the dinner party, and with teachers Wynell Gantt and Matty Ballard the number attending came to 47.  This gathering included Raymond Waites and guest, who had arrived too late to attend the afternoon affair.

The first activity of the evening was a show-and-tell session with members showing photos of family and friends.  after the banquet, a history lesson was conducted by Teddy Porter in which personalities from the class of '58 were described and asked to be identified.  Gag gifts were provided for each by Jean Bath Richie.  

Class room mothers Dot Etheridge and Olga Porter were thanked for their support, as were members of the home team Jean Bath Richie, Rosalie Chiles Pearson, Gwinn Etheridge, Alice Hall Washburn, Joe McDaniel and Teddy Porter.

As a conclusion of formal activities Jean Bath Richie lead the group in their class song, "You'll Never Walk Alone".  Afterwards, by popular request Raymond Waites and Joanne Baldwin Ware gave an impromptu bop demonstration.  The evening concluded with an after hours gathering at Jean and Joe Richie's house.

Those class members unable to attend the reunion were Lucille Barger Luker, Pat Brasfield, Johnny Braswell, Marlyn Caldwell Winter, Barbara Corley Shaw, Floyd Crowson, Judson Griffin, Wynette Herren Cannon, Gerald Hill, Bobby Jackson, Mike Nettles, Patsey Nored, Charles Null, Buddy Galon and Ken Williams.

This was provided by Bob Collins.