Class of 1962

This is an old newspaper picture sent in by a 1962 classmate.  The reunion was held on August 14, 1982 at Sue Manning's camphouse. 

Those present were: LaVerne (Marler) Abrams & Melvin, Nancy (Brasfield) Farr, Judy (Hannah) Carle & Cecil, Faye (Luker) Porter, Brenda (Manning) McDaniel & Bill, Ruth Ann (Shaw) Smith & T. L. Harrison, Sara (Vaughan) Yoder, Anne (Godwin) Atkinson & Charles, Bill Carpenter & Barbara, John Creppes & Charlotte, Don Huckabee & Linda, Jimmy Mann, Charles Stroud & Janice, Buddy Ulmer & Gail, Aubrey Ward & Andre, Jimmy Pruitt & Betty, Dick Rogers & Johanna, Lamar Nored & Judy, George Peppenhorst & Janice and Bobby Kidd. 

Compliments of 1962 classmate.