1964 Senior Class

Front Row L-R: Patty Faulkner, Virginia Poellnitz, Carolyn Couch, Hattie Lou Compton, Lee Goldman, Carolyn Atkeison, Susan          Creehan, Patsy Sumerlin, Annie Laura Malone, Sharon Porter, Laura Stroud
2nd Row L-R: Peggy Smith, Laurie Brasfield, Dorothy Knowlton, Mary Anna Parr, Betty Windborne, Betty Stoudermire
3rd Row L-R: Diane Barfield, Frankie Bott, Catherine Braswell, Louise Webb, Anna Mary Jordan, Gary Kosco
4th Row L-R: Henry Koch, Ged Messinger, M. B. Ulmer, Winder Webb, Bruce Ulmer, Gary Agee, Ben Gilder, Eddie Gibson
5th Row L-R: Billy Gardner, Sheldon Etheridge, Sammie Brietling, Jimmy Monnier, Truman Geeslin, Jim Thomas, Tommy Watson, Ronnie Symon

We apologize for the glare on the picture but this scan was done in a picture frame.

Compliments of Louise Reynolds