Class of 1965 Washington - New York Trip

The place is Jack Silverman's International Theatre Restaurant.  The advertisement said "There's Something Doing Every Night at Broadway's Largest and Most Beautiful Night Club.  The Greatest Food and Show Value in New York!  Your visit to New York is not complete unless you visit Broadway's Largest and most Beautiful Night Club!  A lavish show, featuring top stars of the entertainment best and prettiest dancing chorus in town, guarantees you an evening well spent.  Jack Silverman's International cuisine has received awards from national gourmet societies as being the finest restaurant food served anywhere."

L-R:  Jimmy Yoder, Beverly Lucas, Harold Park, Eleanor Brooker, Clay Graves, Buddy Anderson, John Vice, Buddy Byrd, Doris Bley, Sue Baker, Virginia Graves, Mabry Rogers

Compliments of Sue Baker Allen