St. Leo's Catholic School 1968

These are the students of St. Leo's Catholic School back in 1968.  According to Jimmy Lee the school was opened in 1960 and closed at the end of the 1968 school year.  Grades 1-6 were taught in 3 classrooms.   Sister Bernadette taught 1st and 2nd grade.  Mrs. Strong taught 3rd and 4th grade plus all of the science and PE classes.  Sister Margarita taught 5th and 6th grade.  Since 2 classes shared the same classroom, the teacher would teach one class for the first half of a period and the other class for the second half of the period.  While one class was being taught, the other was quietly working on their assignments.  A ruler or a paddle helped reinforce this. 

Jimmy said that Mrs. Strong had the students playing a lot of volleyball, kickball, tetherball and dodge ball during PE and that she was pretty good at them herself.  The students attended Mass every morning at 8:00 and then went straight to class.  After eating lunches brought from home, they played soccer, softball, and strange games like "British Bulldog", "Red Rover" and "Smear". 

The two students in the second row no paying attention are Freddy Steen and Johnny Brooker.  If you know any of the students please send their names in to us.

Compliments of Jimmy Lee '74