Class of 1981

This picture was made at the Cherub College. 
L-R 1st Row:  Brent Scales, Marlene Fitz-Gerald, Lanice Morgan, Pam O'Neal, Becky Culpepper, Peggy Anderson
2nd Row:  Tina Tierce, Patty Bassett, Ellen Steen, Kevin Sheppard, Tracy Winborne, Tommy Holifield, Elizabeth Speed, Max Ford
3rd Row:  Paul Denkins, Teresa Lamb, Tommy Symon, George Jay, Francine Griffin, Randy Estes, Rene Coleman
Top Row:  Allen Bishop, Gayle Spencer, James McFerrin, Janet McPherson, Scotty Fulcher, Kelly Stephens, Douglas Wall, Katrina Martin, Michael Shane and Starkey Armistead.

Compliments of Drew Johnson