BAILEY DRUG COMPANY  Phone 57  Demopolis

 Phone 57

BAILEY DRUG COMPANY is the oldest drug store in continuous operation in Marengo County. The exact date of its founding is not known, but in "The Bigbee News" of 1873 there is an advertisement for Bailey & McMilner Druggists.

J. Lawrence Bailey was the first owner of Bailey Drug Company and from him came its name. Mr. Bailey's wife was a cousin of J. E. Torbert, one of the present owners.

After Mr. Bailey's death the drug store was bought by a group of Demopolis business men. For many years the store operated by M.S. Brasfield, assisted by Alvin Chisholm. It was later sold to Mr. Burke, and after his death it was operated by J. E. Tolbert. In 1927 Mr. and Mrs. Tolbert and James Breitling, pharmacist, purchased the store.

Assisting in the store at present are Mrs. Francis Boozer, Reginald Mackey and Mrs. Lorrine Hughen.

The Demopolis Times
December 1955