A Curve Ball
by Bobby Jackson '58

I want everyone to know that Billy Cobb was correct. I had a very dinky curve ball when we played baseball in the little league, the Babe Ruth League, the American Legion, and high school between 1953 and 1958. But, all of our teams were "great". They were good because we had "great" guys on the teams. Billy Cobb, Alan Koch, Sonny Barger, Junior Brooker, Tommy Brooker, Spanky Mercer, Billy Waldrop, Gene Dozier, Dale Barger, Sammy Neilsen, Johnny Braswell, and many others. I know I have missed many of the good ones, and I apologize for that. My boys tell me I am having "my senior moments". I call it, I cannot remember.

The memories of those days still bring back many smiles for me. Yes, there were great guys in those classes and we cannot forget the ladies that we had who pushed us to become even better. The ladies in those years were just as great as the guys were. I remember the Jane George, Sally George, Angie Webb, Jane Pruitt, Madge Phaffman, Margaret Spidle, Jayne Cobb (bless her heart), Rachel Watson, Ellen Manning, Rosalie Childs, Rose Traeger, JoAnne Baldwin, Alene and Alice Hall, Gwen Ford, Charlotte Ford, Faye Peppenhorst, Betty Joyce Williams, Helen Watts, Marilyn Caldwell, Alana Caldwell, Margaret Wheatley, etc. Those were the "great" years. Many people have asked me, "Would I like to go back to those years?" My answer has always be yes and it will continue to be yes. They were great years. 

I received an email from an old friend of mine (Alana Caldwell) a few months ago that characterizes my feelings about Demopolis better than any words that I have ever seen. Alana wrote, "I will forever be grateful for the fact that my youth was spent in a slower, easier time....that my surroundings were safe and security was ever present. Deep in my heart, I hold dear the memories of those who were a part of my life when I first began to find out who I was, and where I was going." I have used those written words from a good friend many times since her email because those are my feelings also about "the good old days" and my friends that I left there when I decided to go out on my own. 

Billy, I often think of the "old group". We had a wonderful time together because we knew how to have a good time.