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We will be showing featured selections from the web site on this page.  Click on a thumbnail to access the full size picture or article.  

DHS Baseball Team

This is a picture of the DHS baseball team from sometime in the 50's.
Northside Progressive School

This picture shows the 1944 class of the NPS.
Fishing Rodeo Pictures

This page provides a link to several fishing rodeo pictures from the late '50's in Demopolis.
Hand Bailey Hospital

We have added two pictures of the Hand Bailey Hospital.
Former Demopolis Pitcher

In 1964 Alan Koch played for the Washington Senators. 
Strawberry Street Scene

This is a picture of north Strawberry Street.
Class of 1990

We have started a page for the class of 1990.  Please send anything that you would like to add.
Class of 1960

These proud graduates pose in front of the Statue of Liberty.
Class of 1966

Some pages from the 65-66 annual have been added.
Frank and Freddie Rutledge

This 1938 picture shows Frank and Freddie Rutledge as young boys.
Lessie Westbrook

Mrs. Lessie Westbrook smiles in this picture as she holds her daughter.
Civil War Veteran

This is a picture of a Civil War Veteran of Marengo County. 
Linden High School Class of 1943

This is a copy of the LHS Class of 1943 graduation exercise program.
Presbyterian Church

This is another postcard picture of the Presbyterian Church on Strawberry Street.  
Old Community House Dance

This is a picture of Carolyn Atkeison and F.M. Boozer at an old community house dance. 
Dr. Harry Coker shares some very interesting memories. Harry Coker Memories

This is a postcard picture of Gaineswood as she looked in the 1860's.
Commercial National Bank

This $10 bill was Federal Currency drawn on the Commercial National Bank of Demopolis.
Goldman & Stern

A business envelope from Goldman & Stern in Demopolis that is postmarked 1894.
Early Cotton Scene

An early cotton scene in Demopolis.
Sam's Cafe

Sam's Cafe was a popular eating spot in town.
Motel Demopolis

This picture postcard is from Motel Demopolis.
World's Strongest Man

Paul Anderson visits Linden, Alabama. 
Paul Anderson
Bailey Drug Store

This picture was taken in front of the drug store. 
Yesterdays of Demopolis
Washington Street at Walnut Street

An early view of Washington Street. 
Brasfield Drugs

An early view of Brasfield Drugs. 
A&P Grocery Store

Do you remember when the A&P grocery was downtown?
Marengo Theater

A very early view of the Marengo Theater.
Then and Now

William Hill presents a pictorial of "past and present". 
Early Fire Trucks

This park scene shows two early fire trucks.
City Jail

This is an early view of the Demopolis City Jail.
Park Scene

Can you believe that there were no concrete sidewalks or paved streets?

Rooster Bridge

The year is believed to have been 1925 and the bridge is ready for traffic.

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