History of The First Baptist Church
by Rebecca England

The First Baptist Church of Demopolis, Alabama was established on October 23, 1870.  The charter members of the church were as follows:

Reverend E. G. Baptist
G. W. Bolten
M. T. Higginbothan
J. H. McKinley
Mary Eddins
Josephine J. Cockrell
M. E. Coats

The first building was wooden and constructed in 1895.  Unfortunately, it burned down in 1910.

In 1911, a year later, the first brick structure was built and was completed a year later in 1912. 

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church


Pastoral Tenures

E. G. Baptist

Howard Sturgis   1872-1874
C. E. Sturgis   1874-1876
E. J. Forrester   1880-1881
G. S. Anderson   1882-1886
B. F. Riley   1887-1888
T. M. Hart   1889-1889
G. W. Curry   1890-1891
J. G. Dickinson   1892-1895
H. W. Fancher   1895-
S. H. Bennett    
U. S. Jones    
L. W. Cahall    
J. R. G. White    
J. A. Cook   -1910
J. L. Robinson   1910-1916
E. S. Barnes   1916-1917
J. B. Lassiter   1917-1919
W. B. Feagin   1919-1920
A. A. Hutto   1920-1924
T. F. Hendon   1924-1927
M. P. Edwards   1927-
J. D. McGready    
J. H. Barrett   -1945
E. P. Fendley   1945-1951
Claude M. Haygood   1951-1960
D. Gene Crews   1960-1966
John L. Smith   1966-1969
A. L. Courtney, Jr.   1969-1980
Ed Helton   1981-1987
Denny Goodwin   1988-1998
Rex Kent   1998-2009 
Carl Williams     2009-Present 

Years later, in 1959 the present structure was built.  To build this building it cost approximately $145,000.  The church also constructed a new fellowship hall in 1988. 

Information complied by Rebecca England and provided to us by Drew Johnson.