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This envelope from the Robertson Bank is postmarked 1902. 
This is a picture of an envelope from Goldman & Stern in Demopolis.  The postmark date on the back is 1894.
This is a picture postcard of Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial hospital.   
This is a picture postcard of the Demopolis Lock & Dam.   
This is a picture postcard of Gulf States Portland Cement Company.  The date on this postcard is October 2, 1937.
This is a picture postcard of a cotton field at Webb's Bend.  The tractor has just plowed between the rows.  You can see the railroad bridge across the Black Warrior River in the background.
This is a picture postcard of Tucker Drug Company's store. 
These are some pictures of Brasfield Drugs.
A&P grocery was located downtown.
The Marengo Theater in 1945.  
Do you know what was before Clinkscales Clothing?  

Spight's Grocery Store is open for business.  Date of this picture is unknown but it is an old one.

A compliment picture to the one above.

The Frisco Railroad Comes to Demopolis in the summer of 1928.

The Marengo Theatre advertised as "The Pride of the Black Belt".  This flyer shows that Fred Adams and Donald Barkley received free passes.  

The Grove Drive In Theatre has been gone for many years but this flyer brings back some movie memories.   Postage to mail this flyer was only 1.  

"DJ" Dee Jordan sits at the controls of radio station WXAL ready to host her evening show. 

A view of E. B. Mason's store.  Appears to be many types of fabric available.  Very early picture!

The Braswell Theater was located on Strawberry Street just north of the Alabama Great Southern Railroad track.

Here is an advertisement from DeLoach - McMillian Hardware Company showing the Riverside Hotel.

A street view of Spight's Clothing Store from 1961.

WXAL radio was just beginning its service to Demopolis.  The paint job on this Ford wagon is something to see!

Mrs. Nan Jordan is ready to push the switch and get WNAN-FM on the air.  

A view of the Demopolis City Hall.

A picture of Sam's Cafe and Spidle's Pure Station.  The cars appear to be 1959 & 1960's.  

This is another postcard picture of Sam's Cafe.
A view of Motel Demopolis when owned by the Ogletree's and complete with swimming pool in front.  Can't you still hear Buddy playing the piano at First Baptist?

This is another picture postcard view of Motel Demopolis. 
The Plaza Motel back when it was run by Mr. & Mrs. Percy Sadler.  The postcard is believed to be from the late 50's.

This is another postcard for the Plaza Motel.
Trinity Episcopal Church on N. Main Avenue.  Postcard is from 1909.

This was the Chevrolet dealer in Demopolis back around 1926.  It was located on the northeast corner of the 200 block of Cedar Street.  
A picture of Webb Motor Company that is located in the same building as Boggess Chevrolet shown above but about 30 years later.  
All lined up and ready for sale are the new 1962 model cars at Loyd Jones Chevrolet Company.  Don't they look GREAT!  
It looks like a busy day at Loyd Jones Chevrolet when the 1973 new models arrived.  There are several "old" familiar faces in this photo.  
Lily White Cleaners as it looked back in 1955.  The door on the left was to Biddle Grocery.  
Here is a picture of the Hand-Bailey Hospital that was located where the Alabama Power office is now on Main Avenue.  This is a view of the obstetrical ward.
Demopolis welcomes the Postmaster General for a visit in 1936.  Many well known names are in the picture.
An aerial view of the cement plant back in 1958

Ulmer Furniture Company picture from 1920.

A beautiful night picture of the Marengo Theatre.  The year was 1959 and neon was in fashion.

An early view of the Commercial National Bank when it was located on Walnut Avenue.

The name & street location of this business is not known.  If you can help with the name please email.

This picture was probably made in the 80's but we are not sure.  Reffett's has moved out of the old Clinkscales clothing store on the corner and Western Auto's store is empty.  Lowe's Jewelry is trying to survive downtown. 
Traegers Bakery was the place to get fresh baked goods.  This picture was taken in the late 60's.  Sadly, this building was destroyed by fire a few years ago. 
A view of the Demopolis Inn during the 1950's.
A picture of Breitlings Cafe which use to be located downtown on Washington Street.

Simmons Drugs which later became Rutledge Drugs which was located on the square downtown. Postmark is December 20, 1922.

A cotton scene in Demopolis that appears to be down close to where Webb's Gin was located.  This card is dated August 15, 1920.
This is another picture postcard of a cotton scene.
This picture from 1955 features Vanity Fair employees.

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