They Cared About My Soul
by Dale Barger

    It was in the 1950's that the First Baptist Church of Demopolis was having a revival meeting with an evangelist from Scotland, a Mr. Walker.  Frank Boggs, Jr. was leading the music.  Dr. Haygood was pastor of the church.  As a teenage boy, I was a member of a Sunday School class taught by Mr. Sam Mike Sayers.  I was not active and only came when some of my friends asked me to.  I didn't even know about the revival meeting until one day Mr. Sayers managed to catch me downtown in the park. 

    There he confronted me and let me know that he was concerned about my soul and wanted me to be saved and have the help of God in my life.  I made known to Mr. Sayers that I appreciated his concern for my soul and life but that I had a lot of wild oats that I wanted to sow first, then when I became a Christian I wanted to live the Christ like life and not like a lot of the people that I saw in church on Sunday and how they lived the other six days of the week.  Mr. Sayers then asked me if I would meet Mr. Walker, the evangelist at the church and talk with him.  I replied that I would, but that I would tell him the same reason. 

    That evening we met with the evangelist and he showed me God's Word and went through the plan of salvation.  I refused to accept Jesus into my life and gave the same reason - to sow my wild oats.  Both invited me to the revival meeting and then had prayer with me. 

    I had no intention of going to the meeting, but when time drew near I decided to go and see what was going on.  That night is when Revelation 3:20 became real to me and I knew Jesus wanted into my heart.  I accepted Jesus and confessed my sins and beliefs to Mr. Walker and was later baptized. 

    I love Jesus for all He has done for me.  And there is a special place in my heart for all who were used by God to help me.  I appreciate Mr. Sayers and his wonderful wife.  I will always be grateful to the servants of God who helped me grow in my Christian life.  Because they were used by God, many other people have come to know and accept Jesus through my witnessing.  Praise God!

    My mother departed this earthly life January 24, 1995, I know she went to heaven, because I was the one who introduced her to Jesus.  I didn't want her to leave this life and not go to heaven. 

    Dale is now a member of Forest Hill Baptist Church.  Mr. Sam Mike Sayers and his wife, Elizabeth, are residents of The Willows in Demopolis.

To Whom Ever Reads This!
Please do the below, if you have not already done so.

Please tell your wife, and your children that you are one day going to depart from this earth and will be eternally alive in Heaven.  Then at that time they can know comfort and peace in this temporary loss and can be with you again forever.  Jesus Christ and I and others will be waiting for you.  Know how to get to Heaven for Jesus is the only way and the door to Heaven.  Please tell others how they may also get to Heaven.

1954 Football Season - Dale was an outstanding football player for Demopolis and you will see him in several pictures in the football section.

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