Lily White Cleaners
"Finest In Cleaning"
Phone 750

LILY WHITE CLEANERS, located on the corner of Jackson and cedar Streets, was established in 1948 by S.E. Turner, Jr. Phil Pfaffman, who had been in the cleaning business in Mobile for more than three years, purchased the business in August of 1951 and he and Mrs. Pfaffman now operate this modern cleaning plant.

Robert Parten is employed as Route Man. The colored helpers who have been with Lily White since its organization are: Bessie and Katherine Rowser, Catherine Gracie and Ernest West. A New helper recently added to the force is Dorothy Morgan.

With the slogan, "Finest in Cleaning", Lily features the Sta-Nu Process and moth-proofing of all garments.

The Company is a member of the National Institute of Cleaning.

As an added service to their customers, Lily White is a branch office for Northington Laundry of Tuscaloosa, and handles pick-up and delivery of laundry here each week.

The Demopolis Times
December 1955